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Leadership for Real Impact

A Course for Mission-Driven Leaders to Cut through Resistance and Transform Business as Usual


As a mission-driven leader, you see the opportunity and urgency in changing systems and disrupting business as usual. And while your sense of purpose fuels you, the demands of our 24/7 world, budget cuts and short attention spans can cause your stakeholders to lose focus or energy for key initiatives.


Whether you are directing a sustainability or equity and inclusion initiative inside big tech or leading a mission-driven nonprofit, you know you need to stay resilient and effective in the face of resistance or complacency.  If you are feeling isolated, depleted or just want to develop new inter and intrapersonal capacity, this course may be right for you.   In community with other mission-driven leaders, you will develop the inner capacity (mindsets and presence) and outward skills to accelerate the change you aspire to create in your organization or community. 


The course blueprint

Experienced executive coaches and team facilitators Nina Simonds and Maria Gerea have joined forces in their passion to partner with climate and social impact leaders to support them in building effectiveness, resilience and community as they pursue their mission.

  • The course includes six 2-hour sessions on Friday mornings, March 24, 31, April 7, 21, 28, and May 5.

  • A 1:1 coaching session is included for each participant. 

  • Enrollment will be capped at 12 participants.

  • Applications are now open with Early Bird pricing of US$995 through March 6, 2023

  • After March 6, the full price will be US$1,195

We offer a self-selected fee of $395 for participants who belong to historically underrepresented groups - e.g. BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and people with disabilities.

In this course we will cover

The Results

Here’s what you can expect after taking this course: 

1.  You will develop specific skills to illicit the best from others so you can influence and inspire key stakeholders. 


2. You will be able to see the forest rather than getting stuck in the weeds to be able to discern what is needed to bring

your vital work into reality.    

3. You’ll have a way to regroup and focus when things get tough so you can sustain the work.  


4. You’ll be able to notice when you are in a self-defeating pattern and shift to a mindset that fuels your mission, so that you can accomplish more with less effort.  

Learn the mindsets and skills that support stronger relationships and better results for real impact. 

Program Overview

Session One: Foundations of Real Impact 

Session Two: Connect to Purpose 

Session Three: Co-Create the Future 

Session Four: Cultivate Relationship 

Session Five:  Develop Resilience 

Session Six: Integrate and Celebrate

Fee range: $995-1195

Charity Kamau

"This course taught me the power of presence in both my personal and professional relationships."

Non-Profit Executive Director

"Simply brilliant.    Nina modeled the concepts and skills and created a positive and safe environment for exploration (and a sense of community) in such a short time.   It was a great experience!"

Director, Social Innovation Strategy 

“Working with Maria I increased my leadership capacity for inner awareness and decision making. Inner awareness made it more comfortable to not have clear answers and still remain in my leadership.”

Meet the Team

Meet your co-facilitators and coaches, Nina and Maria.

We're glad you're here and we are rooting for you!


Nina Simonds

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Nina Simonds is a thought partner and champion for leaders who are building a more compassionate world. With 18+ years of experience as an executive coach, she brings a nuanced understanding of leadership, systems thinking and personal resilience to her work with executives and midlevel leaders. Nina's passion is helping leaders navigate change effectively and thrive in times of immense personal and societal transformation. She serves on the faculty of the Co-Active Training Institute and formerly with CRR Global where she facilitated coaching programs in every region of the world including London, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Madrid, Warsaw and Los Angeles among others. This gives her firsthand experience of cultural differences and how to bring experiential learning to diverse groups.


Maria Gerea

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With 15+ years in global health and tech developing new strategies and leadership expertise as a business leader and then a leadership coach, Maria Gerea has partnered with leaders to cultivate belonging and innovation for thriving teams, extraordinary results, and meaningful impact. Maria is an active community leader in the Seattle area for equity and inclusion in education. She has an affinity for working with change makers. Because she spent half of her life in Romania, witnessing both the trauma of authoritarianism and positive systemic change up close, Maria is committed to championing and partnering with those who take active responsibility for our World. She believes leadership development is vital for those who lead systemic change to maximize their impact.

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