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Team Connection Campfire Programs

Build a thriving culture of collaboration and adaptability. 

In a disconnected work environment, with teams working in a distributed fashion, the need to intentionally connect groups of people working on the same goals into more alive and resilient collectives is evident!

This is why we offer our culture-building, highly experiential Team Connection Campfire programs, both in person and online, to help raise your team’s sustainable capacity to foster:


  • Belonging and connection, with truthfullness and safety

  • Resilience in the face of set-backs, uncertainty and complexity

  • Inspiration and creativity

As trusted advisors, we create custom programs, designed just for you, with different levels of learning and sustainable outcomes.

We listen carefully to your team's needs and draw from a rich experience and toolkit to design a program that will grow your team's effectiveness and leadership in the long run. 

We then partner with a team of exquisite coaches and facilitators with many years of experience and various industry backgrounds, as needed, to deliver your culture-building Team Connection Campfire programs.

thumbnail_Better Listening.jpg
“Your tempo was excellent!”
“The engagement; everyone on the team was called upon; I value how it brought us together."
“We as a team identified areas we need to improve our collective leadership and we are taking actionable steps”
“The openness was great!"
“I recognized my "pleaser" attributes and began to learn how to move away from them.”
"I gained insight on the need to be more self-aware between Creative vs. Reactive behaviors”
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