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Teaming Powered by Connection Workshop

Leadership does not happen in a vacuum. Human connection fuels it.

My highly experiential, customizable workshop creates a safe space for participants to practice and strengthen their interpersonal skills, specifically their ability for connection and collaboration.  As shown repeatedly, including in Daniel Coyle's recent book The Culture Code, this is a fundamental ingredient for a healthy culture. Yet, learning it is elusive to many teams and companies.                                                       I draw from organizational psychology, coaching, improvisational theater, design thinking models and add a pinch of my passion for the topic to create an impactful session. The three major components of my workshop are: Attuned Listening, Empathy and Perspective Integration.  I can focus on any of the components or all of them depending on the time available. My workshops are playful and serious at the same time. We laugh hard, we coach each other, reflect on the learning and journal, applying it to concrete, real life scenarios.   At the end of the session participants will leave equipped with mindsets and communication skills  that foster psychologically safe relationships in order to advance their own objectives, team learning and improve team results.


Crucial Conversations Workshop

Tools for talking when stakes are high

Hire Maria to facilitate the award winning Crucial Conversations workshop.  Fortune 500 organizations around the world have turned to the award-winning

Crucial Conversations Training to improve bottom-line results like quality, efficiency,

satisfaction, safety, etc. Results include:

  • Productivity & Quality.

Sprint Nextel saw a 93 percent improvement in

productivity and a 10 to 15 percent improvement in quality, time, and cost.

  • Teamwork.

Employees at MaineGeneral Health were 167 percent more likely

to speak up and resolve problems with colleagues after being trained in Crucial


  • Relationships.

Franklin Pierce College reduced passive-aggressive behavior by 14

percent and increased trust levels by 15 percent.

  • Performance.

STP Nuclear Power Plant went from total shut-down to generating

the most electricity in the nation among two-unit plants.

  • Efficiency.

AT&T reduced billing costs by 30 percent and Sprint Nextel reduced

customer care expenses by $20 million annually

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