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You see clearly the impact you and your team can create. You have selected the best in your field. And now, it's show time. You want to bring the best of all of you to this opportunity of a lifetime to make bold changes in your field. 

This is you now

  • You get worked up by certain people and behaviors on your team, and you don’t know how to handle it

  • You feel stuck because you act on your instincts but that often makes it worse

  • You’re impatient with your team because change is happening too slowly and they’re not working well together. You’re tired of taking care of them as if they’re children. 

  • You’re not getting the results the executives expect from your team. The delivery times slip. The quality of the work is not great. You are frustrated.

Image by Elia Mazzaro

What you get

  • 9 hours of 1:1 leadership coaching (3 hours/month over 3 months), either 3, 1-hour sessions or two 1.5 hour sessions

  • Using the Enneagram and Leadership Circle 360 Profile we will look at patterns of reactivity, personality, blindspots and unpack how they’re showing up in relationships

  • Devise new ways of seeing situations, relationships, and what you can do to empower and develop the people on your team, all while staying calm and grounded

  • We’ll prepare a development plan to continue the work and collect feedback from management, peers, and employees

  • Expect playfulness, experimentation, and accountability

The Results

  • You’ll discover and embody a new way to show up in relationships with your team that has them step to their highest potential and be effective at collaborating with others

  • You’ll get less triggered and be more calm in your day-to-day

  • You’ll be clear about the leadership qualities you want to embody

  • You’ll be clear about your leadership philosophy and how to live by it

  • You’ll articulate your vision for your team

  • Your team will begin to function in a more cohesive way and become less reliant on your interventions

  • You’ll free up time to focus on strategic work

Starting a Bonfire
Forest Aerial View

The Backstory

  • Most of the time a leader’s inability to manage the team has to do with some hidden assumptions about themselves that keep them ineffective. Working through those frees you up to step into your highest leadership potential. 

  • Time and time again, I see clients define their worth based on the amount of work they put into something or achieving the highest level of perfection, which is never attainable or needing to please everybody. This keeps them stuck in a leadership style that is not empowering to them or the team. 

  • The kind of work that I do brings into the daylight these hidden assumptions and has the leader redefine their beliefs and begin to empower and hold people accountable in a more effective way. 

  • I come to this work by way of . . .  (use bits of your story from previous session) (you can make this a separate “about your facilitator” section.

This Offering Is for You If...

  • You’re a leader who is eager to innovate and push boundaries in your field

  • You are looking for faster results from your team than you’re currently getting

  • You’re finding yourself feeling impatient and ready to make a change

  • You’ve gotten as far as you can get on your own and you’re ready to ask for help

  • You appreciate creativity

  • You are seeking new ways and new perspectives and know that there’s still a lot for you to learn

  • You’re self-aware

  • You consider yourself somewhat of a risk taker

  • You genuinely care about your people and know they have the potential to really make waves as a team

  • You’re a systems thinker

  • You've been told your are thinking ahead of your time (or consider yourself to be a visionary)

Image by David Clode

This Offering is Not for You If...

  • You are expecting a total transformation in 3 months. You will definitely begin to affect transformation, but these things take time and this is the beginning of a long-term process

  • You want to blame your team for all of your team’s problems and are not ready to take responsibility as a leader

  • You’re not open to new ideas or constructive criticism

  • You believe this work needs to be only by the team and not by you

  • You want a to-do list and don’t believe in personal reflection 

  • You don’t have time to invest 9 hours of coaching time over 3 months

  • You don’t care about having a relationship with the facilitator

  • You are not open to humor and playfulness

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