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Leadership Coaching Program

I am now enrolling in my 6 months leadership coaching program . I am looking for people who want to play bigger and change themselves and the world for the better! I personally can not think of a better time than now to do it. The definition of leadership I am working with is that "Leaders are those who are responsible for their world." From this stand point leadership is not limited to a role or a title, but open to all that feel compelled to take responsibility and create their world - whether in their work, in the community or at home. It is a generous, empowering and inclusive lens on leadership.

My experience with coaching has been powerful! It was the ultimate tool - after 16 years of intense exploration - that helped me clarify what gives true meaning to my life and develop the mechanisms to stay connected with It and realize It in my life. This is what I am currently doing through my work on designing and delivering engaging team collaboration learning experiences.  And this is the impact I wish for you!

This program is for people who:

  • either have an inkling that they want to take responsibility for something meaningful in their life and they need help to find clarity about what it is and how to do it, OR 

  • those lucky few who have already figured out what is meaningful and need to strengthen the inner resources and knowledge to realize it.

In coaching I am your partner by creating a safe, compassionate, courageous, curious space to explore and create who you want to be as a leader in this life.  

Goals for coaching are:

practicing and developing your authentic leader voice and path, so you can have a stronger influence; you do this by exploring and choosing a purpose and a set of values; by getting familiar with the qualities of your "best self" inner leader; by courageously facing your "limiting beliefs"  (we also call them Saboteurs) and the multiple ways they sneak up on you.

developing resilience in the face of external and internal hardship - practicing the skill of choosing again and again the authentic leadership path you developed; designing your state of "Being" not only of "Doing" on the path to a happier, more balanced and fulfilled life.

developing emotional awareness and empathy - the ability to go deep into the lows and the highs of your emotional life and find the wisdom that is underneath the surface, when you can be with those feelings; the ability to be with the emotions of others, connecting with their humanity and fostering authentic collaboration.

- moving from design to action, developing prototypes for your authentic leadership path and courageously trying them out in the real world to learn and iterate.

My coaching builds on my experience in the business world, drawing from the Co-Active Coaching and Leadership models - and is influenced by my personal experience with Design Thinking and existential psychology. 

My coaching does not help directly (but can help indirectly) with preparing for a job search or application - such as reviewing resumes, prepping for interviews etc.

I look forward to connecting with you and to listening together to your inner leader’s voice! 

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